Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Well...... Where to start??

G'day and welcome seems like a nice opening.

As you may have gathered, this is my first ever blog. Since establishing this site a couple of days ago I have had a number of thoughts (way too many actually) running through my head as to where I should go with it. What should I write about first?? My experiences at training this week, my day at work, reminisce about travel adventures I have had in the past, or talk about the enormity of the weather event (Cyclone Yasi) that is about to cross the North Queensland coastline??? Decisions.......Decisions

I've decided that although those topics are important, I am going to start by letting it all flow out randomly. I'm a pretty structured kind of guy and generally I over think things a lot, so I think this will be good for me.

My name is Jeff (call me Teals, Teally, JT) don't mind at all. I am 26 years old and I live in beautiful Brisbane, Australia. It really is a magnificent city and I feel lucky to call it home everyday.

I have a lifelong passion for Health and Fitness, training and playing football. Sport was by far the biggest part of my life as a kid, and continued to be so moving through my teenage years and into adulthood. I love running, swimming, tennis, golf, any sport with a ball, and of course my biggest love is AFL. I've played AFL (Australian Rules Football) since I was 5 and was very fortunate to succeed at a fairly high level, with my biggest achievement being representing my state through to U/18's. My early 20's were an interesting period, that also became an opportunistic period.

I continued to exercise a lot but veered away from football and learnt to sing in front of people (A lifelong fear). A polar opposite to the hard physical game of football. Within a year of lessons and gaining experience I quickly progressed into my first ever professional role in an Australian group called 'The Ten Tenors', crazy huh. I still don't believe it happened.

Anyhow...... So I was very lucky to achieve some amazing things with that group and I will certainly have memories that will last a life time from that whole experience. But back to the now, as I said a few moments ago I'm back playing football in the North Eastern AFL conference. Playing for a club called Aspley Hornets. A great club with a great deal of young kids running around the paddock making me feel like an 18yr old again.

I work for a company called 'Arcadian Nutraceuticals' and I represent a brand called 'Recoverye21' - A little bit of advice for the future........ Check out our products.... They will help you feel like a different person!!!!

Have a great night folks!!



  1. don't ever lose your passion jeff! 'tis wonderful!